Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Second Heritage Steam Carriage 2015.

The first Heritage Steam Carriage launched 2013 had a specific “female” identity synonymous with the Mountain and our sense of place i.e. The Snowdon Lily.

In addition the new carriage explored our relationship with our original company – “The Snowdon Mountain Tramroad and Hotel Company Limited” est 1896 and indeed the original livery of cream and brown was used to finish the carriage. The first Heritage steam carriage has been such a success we want to repeat the process but give the new vehicle an original identity of its own.
The Snowdon Lily. Which entered service in June 2013.

Our second heritage steam carriage will have another theme synonymous with the Mountain and our sense of place . The new carriage will have a bright new livery that reflects the heritage of locomotive No 5 that is being refurbished to push the carriage just as it did in 1896 onwards. The new livery is a bright Swiss red with the legends in either gold or chrome silver (depending on which looks best on the carriage ) . The name of the carriage is “The Snowdon Mountain Goat” which again combines unique Welsh wildlife , is a good name for Welsh translation and has a resonance as the new carriage will be climbing the mountain just as the wild goats do.

A very early picture showing the original enclosed and open topped carriages.

Like the Snowdon Lily , we will carry the same legends on the carriage. On the top of the carriage will be the Snowdon Mountain Tramroads company name board. On the doors will be the Welsh name on one and the English translation on the other , repeated both sides. On the centre side of the carriage will be the SMT  1896 logo but this time flanked by two leaping mountain goats .

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