Monday, 18 March 2013

First day of the season

The start of the season has kicked off to a great success after a busy few weeks of preparation. On Saturday, we welcomed the first of our passengers with a hot panad before they boarded the train to ascend up to Clogwyn Station (3/4 up Snowdon). Heavy snowfall over night resulted in one of the excavator being sent up to clear the snow ready for our trains.

The first train journeys of the season will be pushed by our Traditional Diesel Service with its new contemporary carriages. These stunning carriages were partially funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and built in a partnership between Garmendale Engineering Limited, Hunslet Engine Company and the Snowdon Mountain Railway. You can watch Ninian pushing carriage 14 for its first journey up Snowdon on YouTube.

Peter Johnson kindly joined us in the gift shop afterwards to sign a few copies of his comprehensive publication 'An Illustrated History of the Snowdon Mountain Railway'.

The season has now begun and we look forward to welcoming all our passengers in 2013.

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Arrival of carriages 15 and 16

It’s been a busy morning at the Railway with carriages 15 and 16 being lifted onto the tracks. These carriages are the second and third of four new contemporary carriages that the Railway will take delivery of before the beginning of the season. 15 and 16 will now begin the commissioning process to make sure everything is ready ahead of the start of the season.

The last of the new contemporary carriages, 17, has come out the paint shop and is in its final stages of construction. The flooring, windows and doors are to be attached to the carriage structure and the final wiring, lights and brakes are to be fitted. Carriage 17 will be delivered 13th March.

It has been a bright and sunny start to March but snow still covers the peak of Snowdon making the likely destination for the beginning of the season to be Clogwyn, three quarters up the mountain. It’s going to be an exciting year for the Railway and we can’t wait to get started!

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